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Wilder Land

Back to Black Blend (40 grams of loose tea leaves)

Not black, but almost black. Off Black. Famous seasonings Samuel Levie and Diego Prado pointed us to other plants such as fireweed that at least rival traditional black tea.
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Robust yet refined with blackcurrant leaf and fireweed. Full of flavour.

Also suitable as icetea.


The more types the better

Biodiversity is our scoreboard to see how well the earth is doing. The more types the better. A high score means: healthier and tastier food on the table, better view when you walk the dog, cleaner air while running, more insects on your car window during a summer evening and less wet feet after a cloudburst. Win-win-win-win.

Unfortunately, the Netherlands dangles somewhere at the bottom of the score list. And we have to change that.

Restore centrally

We believe that we need to move towards an economic model based on nature restoration. Because when economic and ecological progress go hand in hand, everyone benefits. With Wilder Land we prove that this is possible.

Naturalizing ourselves and our landscape

To restore nature in the Netherlands, we will have to reconnect with nature. Naturalizing ourselves and our landscape. Towards a Wilder Land. Where all kinds of life grows, blooms and bustles.

Together with farmers, seasonings and gourmets

That is why we work together with farmers, seasonings and gourmets on a Wilder Land. Step by step, strip by strip, sort by sort.

By planting indigenous and local crops from which we make delicious products. Which you can enjoy, which farmers can live off of and which attract as many animal species as possible. Bees, butterflies, birds and tigers. Okay, no tigers. But a feast for nature and a feast for our taste buds.

Nature recovery to lick your fingers

More local and indigenous species in our diet is a feast for nature and a feast for our taste buds. The culinary uses of local crops are endless. Think of botanical syrups, special wild beers, sparkling iced tea, wild multigrain pastas and granola and of course delicious (un) herbal tea. We call this culinary biodiversity. Or: Nature recovery to lick your fingers off.

Turn wild yourself and enjoy the tastiest products that restore Dutch nature.

More and more healthy pastures and fields

The elongated meadows on which cows and sheep graze often look nice and green. But many pastures in our country are in bad shape. Only one kind of grass grows, usually perennial ryegrass. Biodiversity is poor on these meadows. They are more "green" deserts than flowery meadows with birds and butterflies, as you often saw in the past.

Wilder Land works with farmers to boost biodiversity. By sowing more native herbs or (un)herbs, we get more and more healthy pastures and fields. The flowers of these herbs in turn attract insects that are sorely needed for pollinating crops. We desperately need these natural pollinators for our food supply. In short: biodiversity is of vital importance to all of us.

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