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Our boxes

The Breakfast Box, FarmerBox, BorrelBox, Box full of tast and theme boxes can be ordered every week until Monday 20:00. Delivery takes place from Wednesday to Saturday. During the ordering process you can indicate in which time period you want to receive the order. Free delivery on all our boxes*.



At the FarmerMarket you can find individual products such as vegetables, fruit, dairy and other delicious delicacies. These products can be ordered daily until the day of delivery.

Delivery takes place from Wednesday to Saturday. During the ordering process you can indicate in which period you want to receive the order. Delivery costs are €3.95 per order, with an order higher than €25 euros or if you order a box from 'our boxes', the delivery costs are free!*


Box full of flavour!

Every week a surprising Box full of Taste! filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Organic, straight from the land to your plate and that for a friendly price.

How do I pay for my Box full of Taste?

The first Box full of Taste! order via the webshop. During the ordering process you can choose which subscription you want and you agree to the direct debit. You can choose a weekly or every other week subscription. You make the first payment via Ideal during the ordering process. Subsequently, the amount per delivery will be automatically debited. If you do not want a subscription, it is also possible to order the Box full of Taste separately, follow the ordering process and pay with Ideal.

Am I committed to the subscription for a fixed period?

No, the Box full of Taste can be pause/canceled every week by email. If you do this before 10:00 AM on Monday, your subscription will stop the same week.

Can I already see what is in my Box in advance?

Which can! You will find the contents of the Box full of Taste on our website from Friday afternoon! for the following week. You can find these on the product page of Box full of Taste!

How do I indicate that I temporarily do not want to receive a box, for example due to vacation?

You can pass this on via customer [email protected], this is possible until Monday 10:00 for the same week.

My order is incorrect, what now?

We pack everything as carefully as possible together with our auxiliary farmers. It is always possible that a mistake is made. If something went wrong with your order, please let us know via [email protected], and we will look for a solution as soon as possible.

There is a moldy vegetable in my Box, what now?

We work with unprocessed products. It is therefore possible that some products ripen faster than we expect. If there is something in your Box that is no longer good, please send us an email.

When will my box be delivered?

On Wednesday or Thursday at the time you have indicated on the website, the box will be delivered to your home in the day and time slot that you have indicated. Do you have a subscription and the delivery day/time is not available. Send an email to [email protected] and we will adjust the desired delivery time for you.

Can I also receive my Box once every 2 weeks?

Which can! You can indicate yourself during the ordering procedure.

Can I return my used packaging to you?

Yes, that's possible! Every time we visit you, you can give us the used packaging. Think of boxes, milk bottles, egg cartons. etc. etc  In this way we save the environment together and we ensure that it is properly processed.

What if I don't like a product from the box?

When you register, you can indicate which fruit or vegetables you would rather not put in the Box. This way we can take this into account at all times and select a replacement product for you. Please note: we do this with a maximum of 1 product from the Box.


Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes are available in different sizes and prices. Delivery takes place from Wednesday to Saturday. During the ordering process you can indicate in which time period you want to receive the order. If you would like to receive the box on another day, please contact 06 1801 4442 or [email protected]

There are also cheaper gift boxes on the website, these can only be ordered in multiples or with other articles from the FarmerMarket. The delivery costs are €3.95 per order, with an order higher than €30 euros or if you order a box from 'our boxes', the delivery costs are free!*


Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can only be ordered digitally. The gift voucher will be sent to the recipient by email and can be obtained in amounts between €20-€150.

The gift card module is a beta version. The recipient will receive an email containing the code to be used on the website The code can be used multiple times until the total amount is used. However, the gift voucher does not specify where the amount can be spent. We will send a separate email to the customer who gave the gift certificate as a gift.

*Free delivery in the Duin & Bollenstreek and Leiden and surroundings. See the map of the delivery area below. If you live outside this region, please contact us on 06 1801 4442 or [email protected]!


Where do we deliver?

The area where we deliver is the Duin & Bollenstreek and Leiden and the surrounding area. There are of course exceptions for special requests! See the delivery area in the picture below.


Delicious fresh up close is sustainable enjoyment

FarmerBox is the new short-chain initiative, which originated in the Duin- & Bollenstreek. An initiative with which we want to make a sustainable contribution to our society. With our company we ensure a shorter food chain, which means less logistics and traffic movements are required. For example, we are committed to limiting CO2 emissions and farmers receive a fair price for their hard work. We also want to increase the food awareness of consumers by showing the diversity of high-quality products available in our own environment. At FarmerBox we are also working on another social goal: Zero Food Waste, the reduction of the large amount of food that is wasted every day, especially by supermarket chains and the catering industry. We want to prevent food waste as much as possible, which is why we only purchase products that have been ordered by our customers in advance and we are not left with a residual stock. By ordering the FarmerBox you not only enjoy delicious fresh products up close, you also support our sustainable philosophy!

Used packaging can be returned to us at the next delivery. In this way we save the environment together and ensure that wine is processed properly.


Support Your Locals NL
The increasing demand for locally produced food is being encouraged by Support Your Locals NL, a nationwide campaign aiming to support local food producers, both during and after the corona crisis. They call on the whole of the Netherlands to opt for products from close by as much as possible. This campaign is a collaboration between the Taskforce Korte Keten and the campaign agency Food Cabinet and is supported by a growing network of local entrepreneurs and food producers throughout the Netherlands.



Support Your Locals NL           Taskforce Kore Keten              Food Cabinet

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